Here's a brief selection of my headlines from USA TODAY, plus some writing samples:
Web headline samples
'Web Therapy': Lisa Kudrow, thanks for sharing
Meet Rebecca Black, the Web's 'Friday' girl
Peer into Jason Sudeikis' checkered present
Bruno Mars' musical orbit is inescapable
Kanye West's 'Twisted Fantasy' contains a beautiful reality
Fall horror preview: One more, 'Saw' fans, then you're cut off
'Red' captures the hue and cry of Mark Rothko's life
Otherworldly and Oscar-worthy: Science fiction's profile soars
'2012': Now that's Armageddon!
Backstreet's back, but 'This' is not all right
These snarly dudes dazzle as 'New Moon' werewolves
'Pirate': Not really musical theater's finest 'arrrr!'
'Jukebox musicals' pull in some coin
Meet 'Bruno Littlemore,' a chimp off the old human block
Celebs are making spectacles themselves
Run 'Mad Men' up the flagpole and salute its icy genius
'The Mentalist' looks masterful in its second season on CBS
Literary Twitter: For writers, it's a 140-character development
They were never born, but they'll live forever
Ever notice Andy Rooney is quite a prolific writer?
Absinthe flows again, more stylish than ever
Gentlemen, start your robot-driven engines
Art Buchwald lives on, and that's reason to smile
R. Dwayne Betts: A mind unconfined by jail
THIS is Spinal Tap? Don't wig out, dudes; they're still funny
The remastered Beatles: You've got to get this into your life
George Strait's no chaser of trends on 'Twang'
Detroit's newest model: An MGM Grand
Constant kindergartners play catch-up

Print headline samples (links open as PDFs)
'Soul Train' laid the rails of a cultural revolution
Albert Brooks: All mediums well done
Clinton's a vegan, but is the diet unimpeachable?
The body in motion-capture who's rarely at rest/Andy Serkis puts talent to work in new 'Apes' movie
Charleston's past, present collide in a landmark year
Does where you live determine if you'll live?
Walkin', talkin' and hopin'/Fats Domino is reconstructing his life, his home -- and on a new album, his timeless music
Scenes from The Clash struggle/Survivors recall band's passion and pugilism
There's always room for J. Lo on Judd's full plate
Wise brings sharp detail to the devil/His Satanic majesty gives 'Reaper' a lift

Writing samples from USA TODAY's Lifeline Live blog
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Writing samples from the New York Times Regional Newspaper Group
Meet the Rocks, the worst pro baseball team in history
Meyer wins marathon bike race  
Virginia's offense may struggle with no Moores

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